Guest Information


This information is intended to aid members sponsoring guests at our club. Host members are encouraged to download this information, or send this link to their guests to assist them in preparing to enjoy their Hermitage experience. It is a hosting member responsibility to ensure that guests know, and comply with, all club rules applicable to their use of the club’s amenities.

Arrival and parking.


Meeting sponsoring host member.

The hosting member must accompany all sponsored guests for the duration of their visit from arrival through departure. Prior to the visit the sponsoring member will arrange to meet the guest near the entrance to the amenity; for example, the golf practice area, or pro shop, for guests arriving for a round of golf.

Dress code.

A. The Club’s dress code aims to foster respect for Hermitage traditions and the enjoyment of members and guests. Hermitage is a family and sports-oriented Club. Neat, clean, presentable casual attire is acceptable. This section provides general guidance; more detailed, amenity-specific dress code information can be found in the applicable sections. When appropriate, the announcement of special events may contain additional dress code guidance. Members are responsible for their guests’ attire. Guests should be advised of the Club dress code before they arrive at the Club.

B. A Club manager will discreetly inform members who may not be in compliance with the dress code. Once informed, the member and/or guest will comply with the manager’s request. Any dispute or complaint by the member will be elevated to the GM and, if necessary, the BOD.

C. The Club dress code is summarized in the attached table (click here to view).

Club wide etiquette.

 Loud, obscene, and abusive language or images have no place in the respectful and family friendly environment that Hermitage members, guests and staff enjoy. Hermitage members also demonstrate this respect for others, and for the reputation of the Club, in their use of the Club’s sponsored social media. Ultimately, members are solely responsible for what he/she posts online. Before creating online content, consider some risks and rewards involved. Remember that any conduct that adversely affects members, guests, Club employees, suppliers, and other people or entities who work on behalf of HCC, or content that may damage the Club’s brand may be reviewed by the BOD. Always be fair and courteous to employees, members, guests, suppliers, or people who work on behalf of the Club. When posting on social media please avoid using statements, photographs, video, or audio that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening, or intimidating, that disparage members, guests, employees, or suppliers, or that might constitute harassment or bullying. Complaints or criticism should be directed to the managers, GM or BOD.

Payment for goods and services.

Sponsoring members are responsible for payment for the activities, food and beverages provided by the Club to their guests.

What are the guest policies for golf, tennis and the pool?

  • Pool: $5 Guest fee weekdays; $6 weekends. Guests are limited to 10 times in a season, this includes members’ adult children.  Grandchildren visits are unlimited (guest fee applies).
  • Fitness Center: $10 guest fee; additional charge for classes and special programs.
  • Golf: $100S/$125M Green Fee Weekend/Holidays; $80S/$100M all other days. $25.00 Juniors. Guests must be accompanied during the round by a sponsoring member. Unaccompanied Guest Rate: $175 Manakin; $150 for Sabot.  Play on the course by any guest is limited to two (2) times in a calendar month.
  • Tennis: $10 Guest Fee Adults/$5 Juniors. Guests are limited to use of the tennis facility two times a month, and may only play with or in the presence of a Hermitage member.