Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is provided to explain how we gather and use information collected through this website.

Use of Your Information

Hermitage Country Club reserves the right to collect all information which is routinely available through User’s access of the website such as the frequency of Users visiting the site, which pages are viewed and for what length of time, the internet service provider of Users, and the location of the Users. All of this information is valuable to Hermitage Country Club and will be retained and used for the purposes of improving its website and the product featured on this website, developing effective marketing strategies, project planning, as well as for other purposes in Hermitage Country Club’s sole discretion. Hermitage Country Club cannot guarantee that information transmitted through this website will remain confidential or secure.

Personal Information Submission is Voluntary

Hermitage Country Club will not collect any personal contact information from you unless you decide to provide it to us. Unless prohibited by applicable law in your jurisdiction, we will use the contact information that you transmit to us to provide you with information about our community.

Change of Information and Contacting Us to Remove Your Name

If you wish to change your contact information, then please resubmit your information through this website or contact us at [email protected]. If you wish to be removed from any contact list that is generated from your use of this website, then please contact us at [email protected]. We will attempt to honor your request, but we cannot guarantee that your contact information will be purged from any or all lists generated as a result of your use of the website, and we will have no liability under these Terms if we do not purge contact information that you provide to us voluntarily.

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