Appearance & Grooming Standards

Since many of our employees come in contact with members and guests in the normal course of the performance of their duties, it is essential that high standards of dress, grooming, and personal hygiene be maintained. Even those employees in behind the scenes jobs have occasional public contact. Therefore, appearance and hygiene are important to all of us. Additionally, the State of Virginia Department of Health requires compliance with various regulations for many positions especially those which require the handling of food.


  • Hair must be clean, neat, and well groomed. Both male and female staff may not shave their heads.
  • Hair must be restrained if longer than shoulder length and must be kept off the face and may not obstruct eye-to-eye contact. This means hair must not come in contact with or near a service tray carried by hand and over the shoulder. Administrative staff employees do not need to restrain hair longer than shoulder length.
  • Males’ hair length may not extend past the top of the collar in the back and must be at least one inch above the eyebrows in the front. Sideburns, moustaches, and beards are not permitted.
  • Any unnatural coloring of the hair is not permissible. Management has final say as to what is considered unnatural coloring.

Grooming. Employees must:

  • Bathe daily. Use deodorant type soap when necessary.
  • Brush teeth as often as possible, particularly after meals.
  • Use mouthwashes and breath mints to help eliminate mouth odors, but may not suck on mints or chew gum while working.
  • Wash hands frequently and always after using restrooms and when switching tasks.
  • Keep fingernails clean and neatly trimmed.


  • Must be completely covered up and not exposed.

Habits to avoid

  • Fussing with face or hair.
  • Nail or cuticle biting.
  • Careless sneezing or coughing.
  • Smoking in non-smoking areas, particularly dining and kitchen areas.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Combing hair in food service or preparation areas.
  • Scratching in any form.


  • One ring per hand and a wristwatch may be worn while working.
  • Necklaces must be worn out of sight. Administrative staff employees may wear visible necklaces.
  • Earrings must be worn on ear lobes, be no larger than a quarter, and are limited to one pair.
  • Piercing of ear, tongue, cheek, lip, eyebrow, nose, and other exposed body parts are not permitted on club premises.
  • Males are not permitted to wear earrings while working.


  • Females must wear cosmetics and apply with a “light” touch that conveys a natural appearance appropriate for the work setting and time of day.
  • Males may not wear cosmetics.
  • Keep nails moderately trimmed and clean. Use only a clear or neutral nail polish which may not be chipped.
  • Avoid strong perfumes and colognes, as they may be offensive to members and other employees.


All employees for whom a uniform has been provided must wear the appropriate uniform. Alterations to uniforms are allowed only if prior approval has been obtained from a supervisor/manager and the alteration is only for purposes of better fit. Uniforms must be neat, clean and pressed at all times. Positions that allow/require shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Missing buttons should be replaced, and tears or holes repaired before wearing your uniform. Hair nets or hats are part of the uniform in most kitchen/food service areas. Name tags are part of the uniforms for all employees and should have the employees first and last name on it. Unless approved by the General Manager, no badges, buttons, pins, patches or ribbons should be attached to your name tag or uniform.

Non-uniformed employees should dress with good business taste and in clothing appropriate for their jobs. Good business taste does not include blue jeans (denim of any kind), corduroys, tank tops, midriffs, halter tops or other generally recognized sportswear. Dress or skirt length should be no shorter than four inches above the knee. All employees must wear appropriate undergarments.

Shoes should conform to the approved safety standards and present a business-like appearance. Sneakers/tennis shoes and sandals are unsafe and unprofessional in appearance and are not permitted in the clubhouse. The Occupational Safety Hazard Act requires that safety shoes be worn in certain areas of the club. Your supervisor/manager will inform you if you are affected by this requirement.

No employee should wear a cap or hat unless it is part of the uniform. Hats may not be worn backwards anywhere on the property.